The Art of Picnics

In addition to my world travels, when I am at home, I like to go hiking, camping, to outdoor concerts and boating particularly around my native state of Connecticut. When engaging in these activities, I always pack a picnic lunch or dinner depending upon the occasion. It used to be that I carried the bowls, cups, napkins, plates and cutlery in a very cumbersome recycled shopping bag, and my food in yet another very unattractive reusable shopping bag with a cooler. Not only was this impractical, cumbersome and heavy, having carry all three, but I was always digging inside the bags looking for this because they were so untidy, until I discovered these amazing picnic baskets at Picnic World.

The picnic baskets come in every shapes, sizes and colors, and neatly organize everything you could possible want and need. The designs are unique, each to fill a particular niche. They have backpack baskets, collapsible baskets, tote baskets, festival baskets, black tie baskets, baskets with BBQ tools, insulated cooler baskets, a coffee set with blanket, wood baskets, bamboo baskets, wine and cheese baskets, romantic baskets and empty baskets if a personalized touch is preferred.

I use them all the time and the only problem I have ever had was in deciding which one to get!

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