Travel to Edmonton

Edmonton is located in the province of Alberta, Canada and the second largest city in the area. Now don’t be put off by cities. This one is great. I recommend staying a few days and exploring all this city has to offer. But, before you can do that comfortably you need a place to stay.  If you are looking for houses for rent in Edmonton there are plenty available.

After your housing is sorted out, you set out exploring Edmonton. It is a vast cultural and educational center with world class festivals year round, North America’s largest mall (West Edmonton Mall) if shopping is your thing, and home to Canada’s largest living history museum (Fort Edmonton Park).

The city is broken up into districts that boast art centers, the government and commercial area and the warehouse district with old brick warehouses that have been turned into condos but the architecture is worth a look. So go and enjoy. The climate is mild in winter and dry in the summer.



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