Posted in Featured on December 17th, 2011 by Caryn B. Davis

Content by Kyle Lowe

My mother-in-law is not very good with technology. She and her husband just got the internet recently after my husband convinced them that they really needed it if they were going to keep up with the rest of the world. He set them up with a provider that he found by searching “St. Paul wireless internet. I think they are happy with it so far. My mother-in-law got her email set up, and she literally sends me an email every morning and wants me to read it to our kids. All it usually says is hello and that she loves them. It is really sweet and kind of funny. Last week she emailed me asking me to send her a picture of our two kids together, which I did. She sent me another email yesterday asking if I had time to send the pictures. I told her I had sent them last week, but she said she does not know how to open an attachment. She wants my husband to come over and show her how to do that when he gets home from work. I guess until she gets that figured out, I am better off mailing her pictures or driving them over to her house. Believe it or not, it would probably be faster than teaching her how to open an email attachment.