Just down to finding a prom makeup idea

Guest post written by Betty Ackerman

I’m not sure why but my daughter’s school is having prom so early this year! It’s only in one week and I’m worried that she’s going to have to wear a coat out to prom because it’s still going to be so cool outside! But we’ll worry about that then. We’re still getting the last little things that she’s going to need for prom.

We just secured a pair of shoes at the mall yesterday, which I was really worried about. Now we have to worry about the beauty looks. I was helping her look through prom beauty ideas online when I saw the site debtsettlementusa.com and once I looked through it some I decided to use it to help settle our family’s debts.

We found this one really awesome prom makeup idea from a red carpet look of Taylor Swift’s. She always looks so glamorous, yet age appropriate, which make sit perfect for prom. She loved it too so I think that she’s going to go with that look. And I don’t think that she could find a cuter makeup look!

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