Cheap Airport Parking

I love to travel and one of the reasons I am able to take as many trips as I do is because I found ways to save on costs. Getting to JFK airport and parking the car used to be one big expensive hassle. While the cheapest overseas flights were usually out of JFK, the JFK parking was so costly that it canceled out anything I might have saved on the airfare.

I found myself crunching the numbers trying to find an economical parking solution. Should I take the train and leave the car at the station or have someone drop me off at the station so I can leave the car at home? Should I drive an hour to the bus depot and park the car there and then take the bus to the airport? Or is it cheaper to park at the airport itself in the long-term lot, or hire a driver and leave the car at home, or park at one of those off site places near the airport with the free shuttle buses to and from the terminal? The choices used to make my head spin until I discovered

This company is great. They have many lots to choose from, all within mere minutes to the airport. All are short term or long and all have free shuttle buses to and from the airport. And if you are leaving from other cities across the country, you can still use their service because they are in 21 other cities. Check it out. It’s great service and a great value.




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