Guest post by Jewel Cole

I have recently gotten a little crazy lately with on-line shopping! It is just so much easier to use my clear pasco internet connection to get things that I need rather than having to run out to the store! My husband thought that I had lost it the other day when a huge box came to the house filled with Cottonelle toilet paper. He started laughing and asked why I needed so much toilet paper. I tried to explain to him that I could buy if off of Amazon.com for only fifty cents a roll with free shipping. When I go to the store, I usually end up paying upwards of seventy five cents per roll ( when it is on sale) and that I have to go a lot more often. Using your resources on-line is a great way to save money. I know that buying things like toilet paper hasn’t really caught on yet and people like my husband and mailman probably think that I am crazy, but hey, what can you do? I love to save money and get things in the mail!

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